Meet our founder

Our founder Daksha started her journey 23 years ago in a single room within a leisure centre. The desire to consistently improve and evolve her business led to her taking over a failing spa in St. Albans. Daksha and her sister, Leena, dedicated themselves to creating a business named Healing Hands, which revolved around healing and helping others. Following this, a sister spa soon opened, named Healing Hands Prana Spa, where aesthetic treatments were offered.

Daksha has always endeavoured to be at the forefront of the industry, and in the early 2000s she recognised the industry was evolving towards anti-ageing, laser, and skin rejuvenation procedures. Prana Spa was one of the first spas in the UK that owned a laser hair removal machine. Prana Spa was soon ready for the next step and in 2017 it expanded its clinics, academy and skincare internationally under the name Revival.


All the therapists we employ share our spiritual ethos and have a caring and positive energy about them.

All of our therapists are loyal and very passionate about working for us. The Revival team who have been with us for over 12 years each, share our spiritual vision, to deliver highly technical treatments with integrity, care and the respect for the law of karma, and this is what stands us apart from the rest. Many of our therapists are now trainers and managers within the Revival brand and are vested in our global expansion.