Level 5 Aesthetician

Advanced Facials go beyond the usual pampering facials, and how to effectively deal with specific skin concerns such pigmentation, ageing, skin blemishes. To get the best results from the facials we train you to use revival skincare products and chemical peels with the latest electrotherapy facial machines, dermal rollers, mesotherapy, and anti- ageing injectables.

Course Overview

Level 5 is run over 3 consecutive days, in a structured training programme that starts with chemical peels and derma planing, skin rejuvenation with micro-needling and mesotherapy injections with skin boosters and meso serums. This course has been structured so that the learning from each day builds into the next and the confidence you gain will allow you to progress onto the more challenging and results focused treatments as the course goes on.

This is a fast track OCN course is made up of 3 different units.

  • – Day 1 Chemical Peels with derma planing
  • – Day 2 Micro needling with Derma rollers and Derma pen
  • – Day 3 with Meso therapy nappage technique with HA skin boosters.

Each unit has its assignments, assessments and a theory exam.

Day 1

Chemical Peels

You will learn the theory of different level of peels work, how to prescribe salicylic, glycolic, lactic and citric acids peels for different skin conditions and how to customise peels using derma planing, mesotherapy, micro-needling and electrical facials.


You will learn the health and safety protocol on how to use a scalpel safely when removing the dead skin prior to a chemical peel. Derma planing gives superior results over dermabrasion as you can control the level of exfoliation you carry out. We are seeing more and more clients are requesting it in our and our students clinics.

Day 2

Derma Rollers

Mesotherapy serums are delivered into the skin using a derma roller with 192 needles, creating tiny junctions in the skin that place serums deep into the dermis where skin problems often stem from. Derma rollers are recommended for skin rejuvenation, however the Dermapen is now becoming more fashionable than rollers.

Derma Pen

The dermapen is easier to use, less painful and cheaper to buy than derma rollers. The 12 needle dermapen can be adjusted to client skin depth – which is especially helpful for older ladies or clients with thicker skin. It is a brilliant tool recommended for treating acne scarring, wrinkles etc.

Day 3

Mesotherapy Serum


You will practically learn the nappage technique designed for pigmentation that uses a 4mm needle to superficially deliver vitamin C mesotherapy serum into the skin to break down that pigmentation. You will also be taught the theory of how meso serum cocktails are used to treat many other skin conditions.

Mesotherapy HA Skin Booster

(Ageing Skin)

Skin boosters are made up of Hyaluronic acid in a gel base, therefore the effects last longer and are more visible than liquid serums. You will learn an HA skin booster treatment protocol for boosting skin quality which is a very popular and very effective treatment.