Level 5 Aesthetician

Advanced Facials go beyond the usual pampering facials, and how to effectively deal with specific skin concerns such pigmentation, ageing, skin blemishes. To get the best results from the facials we train you to use revival skincare products and chemical peels with the latest electrotherapy facial machines, dermal rollers, mesotherapy, and anti- ageing injectables.

Course Overview

We have worked extensively with OCN London to launch and accredit Revival Academy bespoke courses at levels 5 & 6 to meet the demand for higher qualifications in the growing aesthetic industry. Both VTCT and OCN assessment and certification process’s are similar and both awarding bodies are recognised internationally and by local councils and insurance companies

We sourced OCN London who are regulated by OFQual to accredit our aesthetic courses because VTCT and other leading awarding bodies we worked with have not progressed with the changing industry and are still only providing beauty qualifications up to Level 4.

Day 1

Chemical Peels

You will learn how to carry out Revival peels and customise them for different skin conditions and use them with high frequency to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Revival Chemical Peels have no downtime, or discomfort during application and are formulated to be used with mesotherapy, skin needling and laser treatments.


Dermaplaning is a most recent craze to hit the industry and is fast overtaking microdermabrasion. At Revival Academy we have enhanced the results achieved from Dermaplaning by adding the our Revival chemical peels after the dead skin cells have been removed with scalpel. This allows the chemical peel to penetrate deeper. This creates an immediate skin radiance.

Day 2

Derma Rollers

Derma Roller treatments are very popular with clients. Needling attracts clients who want to have radiant skin and prevent skin ageing. You will learn how to carry out treatment with Derma Rollers using Medik8 serums.

Derma Pen

Needling with a derma-pen is more specific. Therefore, it is more effective on problematic skin. The derma-pen penetrates the skin and implants Medik8 serums, which is particularly beneficial for clients with acne scarring.

Day 3


Mesotherapy can be using the gun or tiny meso needles to inject a blend of serums that include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids into the skin. These ingredients encourage the skin to produce collagen and elastin, leading to skin that is both firmer and smoother.


Micro-needling uses fine needles to create superficial micro-injuries in the skin. This kick-starts the skin’s natural ability to repair itself and replace damaged tissue with new cells and collagen.