Cutera Xeo and Alma Harmony are both medical grade lasers which has multi platforms for many treatment variations such treating removing both light and dark hair, pigmentation, red veins and wart removal.

Our Cutera machine is FDA approved to treat skin types I-VI safely as it has an IPL and Nd: YAG function to treat both light and dark hairs.

Skin Resurfacing Treatment

There is no other treatment that can change your sun damaged, aged skin into healthy, youthful looking skin as effectively as laser skin resurfacing. You could have 10 chemical peels to treat your sun damaged, ageing skin and the result won’t come close to 1 fractional laser treatment.

Cutera fractional pearl handpiece treats the skin layer by layer evenly and with precision. Within 10 days of the treatment your skin will produce new collagen, and your old skin layers will slough off. A combination of new skin cells and the stimulation in the dermis will give the skin a tighter, younger looking glow.

This treatment is not for the fainted hearted, whilst the pain is totally bearable, there is 5-7 days of healing period. During the skin shedding process, you are not allowed to pull the skin off, it needs to be left to naturally shed.

There are no adverse reactions or long-term skin damage with this treatment, however, you will need to protect your skin from the sun in the future otherwise you will get pigmentation.

We recommend 1 treatment for mild to moderate pigmentation and 2 treatments for severe damage.

Red Vein Removal

Red Veins and blood spots removed with our Nd:YAG laser is so much more effective than with the IPL laser and advanced electrolysis method.

Our Cutera laser can treat red veins on the face and legs and also blue veins on the legs, however the varicose veins are better treated with sclerotherapy or surgery to strip them out (Sclerotherapy can sometimes cause little red veins to appear near the injection site due to the pressure from the injection).

Pigmentation Removal

We have been carrying out pigmentation removal with the limelight handpiece for over 10 years on the face and body, and from our experience we can truly say that it is by far the quickest and most effective way treat very stubborn skin blemishes/ pigmentation.

Whilst the treatment is quick and precise, it is not recommended for skin types IV-VI or tanned skins.

Treatment AreaPricing
Pigmentation Removal£150
(price may vary with size)
Red Vein Removal (5 mins)£60
Red Vein Removal (15 mins)£120
Red Vein Removal (30 mins)£180
Laser Skin Rejuvenation (with peel)£130
Laser Skin Resurfacing£495