Revival Candles

We infuse handmade perfumes into our candles made by one of the oldest family-owned perfumeries in Grasse, France – the perfume capital of the world. Here, we have had the fortune of working with the most renowned perfumers in the world. Using their expertise, we create bespoke fragrances. Then we hand craft our candles in the same British countryside farmhouse that we have used for nearly 30 years to become the best candle-making specialists around.

Oldest French Family-Owned Perfumery

We source the best quality lavender and amber perfume in the world from the famous French town Grasse. The perfumery is one of the oldest family-owned perfumeries in the world. We produce natural or naturally-derived fragrances that are infused with our wax by hand in the countryside in Hertfordshire.

This, coupled with our fully refined wax, gives you cleanest burning wax you can source and is suitable for pharmaceutical use. Our wax is harder than most other waxes meaning it has a longer burning time.

50 Hours Burn Time

Our candle is small when compared with candles with a similar burn time. Our secret? We use the highest quality wax, perfumes, wick and tin. This gives our candles a more natural, more consistent ‘throw’ with far superior smell quality, whilst remaining hypoallergenic. The wax is even edible before we add the perfumes and colours.


Before we dye and perfume the wax it is actually edible. We fully refine our wax so that there is a lower oil content. This is a far more expensive method than our competitors use and it prevents the creation of black smoke which can be carcinogenic. The wax we source is used on allergy testing strips and plasters and is therefore hypoallergenic.

We chose not to use bees wax or ‘organic’ soy wax as these both go through strong chemical processes with nickel catalysts during the candle manufacturing process. Soy can also lead to allergic reactions and people should use caution when purchasing soy-based candles.

Never Tested On Animals

We are proud to say that our colours are all naturally derived. We never use animal products in any part of our candles. Other companies will often use ground beetles to create the red colour in their candles. Finally, our stylish and luxury tin contains heat better than ceramic and glass. This gives more heat to the fragrance and leads to a better ‘throw’ when compared with glass and ceramic.