Cutera Xeo and Alma Harmony are both medical grade lasers which has multi platforms for many treatment variations such treating removing both light and dark hair, pigmentation, red veins and wart removal.

Our Cutera machine is FDA approved to treat skin types I-VI safely as it has an IPL and Nd: YAG function to treat both light and dark hairs.

Tattoo Removal

We use our Q Switch laser to remove tattoo’s which can remove black and blue inks. If the tattoo is recent and has colour depth it will take more treatments to remove it than if it is old and has lightened in colour.

Between 4-6 treatments is typically required however if there are other colours present in the tattoo, fully removing it will be more difficult therefore we recommend that you find a clinic that has a special Ruby laser that can remove the other colours once the blue and black ink is gone.

Treatment AreaPricing
Tattoo Removal (5 mins)£125
Tattoo Removal (15 mins)£170
Tattoo Removal (30 mins)£285