The A-Z of Chemical Peels

  • Do you think that chemical peels are not for you?
  • Love your tried and tested basic facial?
  • Have read horror stories about chemical peels
  • Simply don’t have much knowledge about different peels.

Here is some knowledge, tips and expert advice from our founder and education Director Daksha Paternott.

How the Chemical Peels used to be!

I remember the days I did high percentage peels that were painful, and had to council the client and get the fan ready before applying the peel, the peeling after the treatment went on for days and downtime was so bad that we had to advise clients to take time off and hide their red, irritated faces for a few days.

Clients believe that the more peeling and pain there is, the better the result.

I personally don’t agree with some of the high percentage peels that we have in the industry e.g a 40% Salicylic acid will give you clear skin but it will also strip it’s protective layer and if didn’t keep out of the sun and wear a high SPF, you’ll end up having to spend money on getting your pigmentation treated.

Can Peels actually make you look younger?

Only deep, medical grade peels can do that, but they also remove the entire epidermis, definitely don’t recommend them, they will strip your skin’s protective layer. Botox, Fillers, and PRP are the only treatments that can recapture your youth without damaging the integrity of your skin structure.

Let’s look at the latest trends in chemical peels and why Revival peels are so popular.

We’ve noticed that our clients have got savvy, they want results without, downtime, peeling and want to preserve the integrity of their skin.

Here’s is how we can meet all those conditions and deliver unsurpassed results.

Revival Peels combine powerful acids  such as Alpha Hydroxy acids (e.g Lactic acid & Glycolic), Beta Hydroxy acids (Salicylic) with enzymes from Tamarind, Sugarcane, Apple, Bilberry, Lime & Tomato.

The synergy of beta and alpha hydroxy acids and fruit enzymes powerfully work together to dissolve the intercellular glue that hold the dead skin together, unlink and digest the dead skin cells, brighten the skin and much more. Revival Peels have absolutely no downtime, peeling or redness, we promise to deliver just beautiful, glossy skin.