Revival Chemical Peels

Our New Ofqual Level 4 qualifications are higher than the CPD Level 5 we have been running.

The assessment protocols require the models to write their feedback on the treatment they have had on the assessment paper and video, otherwise, the students will not be passed.

The Advanced Peels we have introduced which includes 70% Glycolic which are delivered using Hydradermabrasion devices.

We are so excited to introduce a system which gives impressive results on pigmentation, blemishes, oily acne-prone skin, uneven skin tone and ageing skin.

We have formulated an advanced skin formulation just for our advanced Level 5 qualifications.

We are changing the way we book these facials, we cannot leave it to you to guide which facial to deliver as it is crucial that your skin is analyzed professionally beforehand in order to determine which peel is the most appropriate for your skin.

Advanced Peels are 45 mins – £150

(Please allow 1 hour 15 mins with us for the consultation and testimonial)

Unique Properties Of Revival Peels

The enzymes in the Revival peels digest the dead skin so that there is no peeling after the treatment unlike most other peels on the market, which leaves the skin flakey and dry. Salicylic, lactic, and glycolic are present in all 3 peels, however, the percentage in each peel is dependant on the skin condition being targeted.  

The main aim of the new generation peels is to repair, rebuild and renew the skin and preserve skin from environmental damage. Revival Peels are suitable to carry out in the summer and in hot climates.

The Revival Peels are a breakthrough, they can give superior results without the usual peeling, pain, and erythema.