We can remove skin tags, moles, millia, red veins, keratosis and warts using either advanced electrolysis or the plasma pen.

Skin Legions Removal

Advanced electrolysis

Advanced electrolysis is the tried and tested method we have used for 20 years, for removing all of these, however newer technology brings in more efficient methods.

Plasma Pen

Plasma pen is our newest and preferred way of treating all moles, skin tags, warts and keratosis, because it is quick, less painful for the client and causes the skin very little trauma.

Whilst the plasma pen is such an immensely effective treatment, it is very specialised and requires a skilled, experienced therapist, in the wrong hands it could be very dangerous as it can burn skin in a flash. Hence you won’t find this treatment in many salons.

We prefer to use the advanced electrolysis method for our red veins and milia treatments, as it requires a low frequency to cauterise.

Skin Disorder 5 Mins 15 Mins 30 Mins
Skin Tags & Moles £60£120£180
Warts £60£120£180
Cherry Haemangiona
(Blood Spot)
Sebhorroeic Warts £60£120£180
Milia £20£40£80


Short wave diathermy electrolysis uses a very fine needle to heat and cauterise red veins and skin blemishes. This is very safe and the most effective way to remove small and large blemishes.

For a few days after a red vein and milia treatment, the area may continue to show signs of redness. Skin tags and moles may appear darker before falling off within 7-10 days. There is minimal risk of scarring, however some of the deeper moles may leave a faint discolouration once the mole has been removed. This can last for up to a few weeks.

Very large moles and skin tags will have a deep root and a second treatment after 1 month may be necessary to remove it completely.

The treated area needs to be kept clean and dry for up to 1 week. Therefore, activities such as swimming, going to the gym, and using steam rooms and saunas are not recommended.

This method is very safe. The risk of infection is minimal as there is no open skin or wound.

    • There are 3 main methods to remove moles, skin tags and red veins:
      1. They can be removed medically. However, unless they are deemed high risk, doctors can be unwilling to remove them as this is considered cosmetic and may leave a scar behind.
      2. The plasmapen procedure is painless and can remove superficial blemishes quickly.
      3. Advanced Electrolysis is the treatment we have found to be most effective and reliable.