How do expensive skincare products compare to cheaper ones?

Whist I also believe you get what you pay, and can think of a few extremes- Nivea on one hand is cheaper and I find it gunky compared to Crème de la Mer on the other hand which I find is overpriced.

I feel that it’s the consumer that’s paying for the skincare companies branding, expensive packaging, advertising costs, sales person and the quality of product has very little to do with the price. I don’t think that as consumers we have this mentality that if’s it’s expensive it must be good and if it’s not it can’t be good, the skincare companies use this to their full advantage.

I do trust many of the Professional skincare brands sold in the salons, to over the dept store counter products generally due to the quality of the base ingredients and their higher  %.

When I formulated my own products in Thailand, I had many advise me to use cheaper ingredients and go for glossy packaging, and after months of sticking to my beliefs, I have a really powerful range that sells itself the minute it’s touched, and affordable not because it’s got cheap ingredients, but because I refuse to spend money on heavy advertising campaigns and glossy packaging.

I always believe the results will ultimately speak for themselves, have you ever heard people going back to a restaurant if the food is rubbish, but they will go back if the restaurant looked a bit dismal but the food was fantastic.

Daksha Paternott – Founder of Revival and Educational Director of Revival Academy