Revival Model Clinic

We run training courses for the next generation of up and coming therapists. Their training include theoretical and practical training. After our students hone their skills on imitation models and other students the final stage is practice on clients. At this stage they will be guided by one of our trainers that will have at least 1o years of experience in that treatment.

Treatment Price
Chemical Peel £25
Hydra Lift Facial £25 (60 mins)
Micro-Needling £55 (60 mins)
Mesotherapy £55
PRP - Vampire Facial £150
Fat Dissolving Injections (Face) £195 (Per Vial)
Fat Dissolving Injections (Body) £80 (1x10ml Vial)
Skin Lesion Removal £40 (15mins) £60 (30mins)
Dermal Fillers £139 (Per ml)
Profhilo £299
Jalupro £150
Anti-Wrinkle Injections £139 (Per Syringe)
Laser Hair Removal £20-£50

Industries Most Experienced Teachers

We believe that our students will be best equipped to go out into the industry if they have a lot of practical experience. Under the direct guidance of one of our trainers who have been in the industry for at least 10 years. Each of our trainers have over 15,000 clinic hours under their belt which means you will always have someone with a lot of experience with you at all times.

Terms and Conditions

Our model prices are generally 50%-75% cheaper than our clinic prices. This lower pricing does not mean you will experience a lower quality treatment. By the time our students are ready to live models they will be at the stage where they can perform great treatments. Bookings are done on a strictly first come first served basis only. There will be pictures taken throughout the course for assessment and marketing purposes.