Revival Chemical Peels

Revival peels are a breakthrough, science-backed peels formulated by Daksha and our Korean scientist. These peels promote skin health and radiance with no faff or downtime and very affordable. We invite you to experience just how different Revival peels are. We have intelligently formulated our peels and added Camomile, Arnica and Beta Glucan to the acids, so you won’t experience any stinging, pain, irritation, flakey or dry skin. Just simply great skin!

Unique Properties Of Revival Peels

The enzymes in the Revival peels digest the dead skin so that there is no peeling after the treatment unlike most other peels on the market, which leaves the skin flakey and dry. Salicylic, lactic, and glycolic are present in all 3 peels, however, the percentage in each peel is dependant on the skin condition being targeted.  

The main aim of the new generation peels is to repair, rebuild and renew the skin and preserve skin from environmental damage. Revival Peels are suitable to carry out in the summer and in hot climates.

The Revival Peels are a breakthrough, they can give superior results without the usual peeling, pain, and erythema.