OCN LondonLevel 5 Micro-Needling Qualification

OCN LondonLevel 5 Micro-Needling Qualification

Advanced Skin Treatments


Micro-Needling with Derma Rollers

1 day – £250

Micro-Needling with Dermapen

1 day – £250

1 Assessment Day with 3 Assessments

Oral Questions

You will learn Advanced Facials go beyond the basic facials taught by other training institutes, and be able to effectively treat, specific skin concerns such as acne scarring, pigmentation, ageing, and skin blemishes. Our aim is to train you to get the best results from the facials, hence we teach you to use powerful skincare formulations and deliver them into the deepest layers of the skin using the latest advances in skincare technology such as Micro-needling.

You will learn the latest Derma Roller and Dermapen needling methods that are very popular with clients who are looking for treatments that are results based and invasive. Micro- Needling attracts clients who want to have radiant skin and prevent skin ageing.  You will learn how to carry out treatment with Derma Rollers using serums.

Revival Diploma or OCN Level 5 Advanced Cosmetic Procedure Qualification

Mesotheraphy 1 day – £295

If you are a qualified level 3 therapist and want to upgrade your training to advanced cosmetic procedures you can just do the Revival Diploma and get insurance, however if want an internationally accredited Level 5 qualification you may want opt for the OCN qualification.

The training is the same, however for OCN Qualification; you will need to come back for an assessment day and do oral exams and 3 competent assessments.

You will be taught to remove the skin blemishes using the advanced electrolysis shortwave diathermy method.

No, we find that the electrolysis hair removal method is so different from the advanced electrolysis that in many ways it is a hindrance. The main issue we find is that for hair removal the electrologist is trained to insert the needle deep into the follicle, slowly, whereas in the advanced treatments the needle is inserted superficially and with quick movements. Leave it to us, we will teach you all you need to know to carry out effective and safe advanced electrolysis treatments. You will find that it is easier than you anticipate.

OCN Unit AQ5-002 Mesotherapy for the face and neck treatment.

Mesotheraphy 1 day – £295

Mesotheraphy training will teach you to use the pistor  gun and 4mm meso needle injectable method to deliver a blend of serums that could include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids into the skin. These serums can be customised to treat pigmentation, prevent skin ageing,  dehydration, blemishes, leading to skin that is firmer ,even tone and younger looking.