Why do men age better than women?

Here’s is how male hormone testosterone stimulation keep male skin looking younger;

  • Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women, this means that the skin has more protective layer and is not as damaged by the environment.
  • Extra sebum produced in a male skin keeps the skin from drying, however it causes congestion, blocked pores, which regular facials can solve.
  • Male skin is less prone to intrinsic ageing, as they have more collagen density than women, male wrinkles are mainly expression wrinkles and sun damage and can be prevented.
  • When it comes to Intrinsic ageing meaning caused by natural internal process’s a woman’s skin is about 15 years older than a man of a similar age.

What treatments are popular with men and why?

Chemical Peels are an old-time favourite with men, they are no nonsense skin treatment that are not invasive, or painful. Most men don’t like suffer to look beautiful, they don’t have this attitude women have of “no pain, no gain”.

Men are not shy anymore of walking into women’s salon’s and requesting Laser hair removal, it’s not cool to have underarm hairs any more. Botox is as popular with men as women, as men usually have expression wrinkles which botox is really effective for, especially when male botox treatment are done naturally.