Change of career tips for nurses from Daksha Paternott Education Director at
Revival Academy.

The Aesthetic industry is booming and the last few years we have seen more and more Nurses leaving the NHS and joining the aesthetic industry.

Why nurses want to leave the NHS
The current NHS system is struggling with problems due to chronic underfunding over many years. There is a severe lack of nursing staff, an issue that has been made worse since changes to student training and the impact on Brexit reducing recruitment. Staff are dissatisfied with the poor pay and a severe shortages of staff in all areas. This has led to low morale and stress impacting on their ability to do the job to the highest level and provide the best quality patient care.

Nurses often have to resort to working extra unsocial hours or joining the bank to take on extra shifts to make ends meet. They are fed up with the poor home life balance and want to seek an alternative.

Here’s why nurses are enticed by the aesthetic industry.

1. Nurses who have already are working in the aesthetic industry say that the shift they have made has been life changing, one can see why, because there are so many benefits. It is a huge step for these nurses to leave a lifelong career that they were once passionate about. The Number 1 reason is poor pay, in comparison hour for hour, there are aesthetic nurses earning more than a doctor working in the NHS.

2. Entering the Aesthetics industry means that the nurses are able to start a completely new career, yet are still able to utilise their knowledge and skills, whilst maintaining their NMC registration that they have worked so hard to get. There is a growing group of nurses joining the aesthetic industry, and more recognition of the skill.

3. In my experience, I find nurses are better at providing aesthetic treatments than their medical colleagues. I have seen first hand that they have a more creative eye, provide better client care, and are genuinely interested in making people feel good about selves. They also understand that their clients really want to look good and feel better about themselves and help and support them to achieve this.

Nurse report
Here is a report from a very experienced nurse, Kat who recently took this big step and ventured into aesthetics, Kat talks about how she is taking transitional by keeping one foot in the NHS to help her transition into this new direction, and the other building her new career in the aesthetic industry.

Easy steps Kat took to enter the Aesthetic industry
1. Booked on the 2 Day Botox and Fillers course at the Revival Academy in London.

2. Immediately after the course practised on very loyal friends who became models to help her expand her portfolio

3. Kat put these before and after pictures on her social media and within a few days got 7 bookings for Lip fillers which she will be fitting around her other responsibilities.

4. Made use of the business and marketing help provided by Revival, as we really taking the early steps into business and marketing can be daunting when you have worked for a large company like the NHS before.

Exploring your work options after the training
Whether you initially fit in bookings around your nursing job or be a full-time aesthetic nurse will depend on your financial situation. and how fast you want to move with your new career. You might decide to slowly grow the business, build up a client base first and then switch careers, or simply keep your nursing career going and be an aesthetic nurse in your own time to earn extra cash.

Deciding on your aesthetic workplace

Whether you rent a rent, profit share or are employed, there is so much demand for aesthetic nurses in Beauty/Hair salons, dentists, doctors, department stores, Ultimately the choice is yours, and there are not many jobs you can say that.

Factors that may help you to decide if Revival Academy meets your needs?
It is common knowledge in the aesthetic industry that nurses have a caring nature, medical training but don’t have underpinning knowledge behind the finesse required for aesthetic injectables nor practical skills required to be a good aesthetician. At Revival Academy we customise the course for nurses, by addressing their needs to have a lot of hands on experience on real clients and  earning how to creatively work with Botulinum Toxin and dermal fillers.

Ultimately, it’s all about the results and not about how much theory you hold in your brain, that brings them back. Our students often say that It’s such an advantage to have the Academy alongside the aesthetic clinic and have trainers with over 15 years’ so that they can benefit them from their business and hands on experience. Mentoring and supporting our students after training, is something we believe is really key to the success of our student, whether you need a good supplier, prescriber, product, have confidence issues, we will hold your hand during the early teething days. On a business level, it builds loyalty and this approach brings the students back to us for all your other training and on a spiritual level the law of karma is that we have taken your money and we must give you your money’s worth.