PRPPlatelets Rich Plasma

PRP improves scar tissue, stimulates collagen production and fibroblasts to develop smoother more looking youthful skin.


PRP is really effective for rejuvenating the under-eye area. When mixed the zucchini acid from the Xela Electric it can really help improve dark circles with the results being evident. We have in the past avoided treatments that treats dark circles as we have not found a treatment that delivers what it says until now.

PRP improves scar tissue, stimulates collagen production and fibroblasts to develop smoother more looking youthful skin.

Both work really well in synergy with each other but PRP cannot be compared with dermal fillers as the treatment indications are very different.  

PRP can be injected into any areas where dermal fillers are injected, but we cannot expect the same volumising result with PRP.

The improvement in the skin quality with PRP is remarkable and it is one of the most effective, natural anti-ageing treatments we have today and that is why there is a huge celebrity following with PRP.

PRP is shown to have some benefit on hair loss and again our research has shown that this is often short term, expensive and other hair loss treatment may be a better alternative.

  1. Once we determine your eligibility for the PRP treatment, your skin will be cleansed and the topical anaesthetic (Emla) will be applied over the treatment area.
  2. A blood sample will then be taken, usually from your arm, this sample is placed in a centrifuge for around 10 minutes.
    This process separates your blood cells and produces the platelets rich plasma which is then injected all over the skin with a tiny mesotherapy needle.

Topical anaesthetic (Emla) cream makes PRP fairly bearable. Expect some discomfort but not enough to refuse a treatment.

  • Critical thrombocytopaenia (a low number of platelets in the blood)
  • Septicaemia
  • Haemodynamic instability (an unstable blood pressure)
  • Auto immune disorders
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding mothers
  • Viral infections.
  • Fasting (may not be able to extract or give blood)

A course of 3 treatments, once a month, will maintain results for up to 1 year.

Most clinic’s offer PRP treatment which involves only injection of your own platelets with nothing added to it, this gives moderate results and often client expectation is not met, this is partly due to the fact that the PRP treatment is very costly. For this reason, we really researched and took longer to introduce PRP into our offerings as we waited until we could offer a results driven treatment package.

Immediately after treatment, expect to have puffy eyes if your treatment is for dark circles. This is because the product is sitting under the skin and will takes a few hours to settle. There is also a possibility of a bruise, due to the delicate eye area, however the platelet’s really speed up the healing process.

Some clients may experience mild itchiness for the first 24-48 hours after treatment.

You will go home with a layer of PRP on your face as a serum and will not be able to apply any make-up that day.