Advanced Electrolysis

I get daily emails from client’s regarding skin tags, milia and moles asking if we could help remove it.

I have been doing this treatment for over 9 years now and can honestly say I love this treatment and delivering great results to my clients.

You can see results within that first time seeing them or on average it may take 2 sittings to notice it fully go as it depends on how big the area is and depth of the skin tag/Mole.

The treatment can be uncomfortable for the client, especially areas on the face where the skin is a lot thinner. Sometimes you may be left with a faint little pink mark but within time skin will heal and go back to its normal self.

Client’s do however need to be aware of the aftercare advice when booking in to have these treatments done. We recommend no hot baths/showers or make-up for 24hrs after having the treatment done. No gym, saunas, steam rooms, anything that is going to cause your body to overheat you want to avoid for 48-72hrs after having the treatment.

People don’t realise that these tiny imperfections can be removed and for some people taking a mole away is life changing. I get the biggest buzz seeing there faces light up with how easy and how good the skin looks afterward.