Tattoo Removal

I get so many people enquiring about tattoo removal. It’s a treatment that is really quick to have and the results can be amazing. However, there are a few things to consider. If the skin is already scared from the tattoo work done originally, this scaring will never go, but the pigment can be removed.

Does it hurt? Yes, it does a bit, especially in the first few treatments as this is when there is the most pigment in the skin and it will cause more trauma and discomfort to the area.

On average you will need to have about 8-12 treatments to totally remove the tattoo. Often I get people coming in for just a few treatments to fade their tattoo so that they can have another tattoo over it. This is fine and the skin normally handles this really well.

The best colour ink to remove will always be black as its easiest for the laser to see, however, we can work on other pigments.

Please bare in mind when having tattoos people that the hardest colours to remove are red and yellow. So think before you have your tattoos done.

Another word of advice, when you have a tattoo be sure you want it for life or be prepared to spend a lot of money removing it.

On average a tattoo the size of an iPhone will cost you about £125 per session and when you think you may need 8-12 treatments it really adds up. However, here at Revival we try to help you with your journey of eliminating the tattoo and will sell you your sessions in courses of 8, where you get 2 free.

Overall as treatments go it’s one of my most favourite things to do as a therapist. Delivering a result that a client desperately wants is an awesome feeling.