Can’t Sleep?!


Find a technique that works for you, if you try one that works for someone else, it may not work for you, tuning into your self in meditation will show you what will work for you, ie … If you are someone that respond to smells better, you should burn aroma candles with essential oils regularly in your space (home/work ), smells have the power to calm our nervous systems and psyche naturally.


When the candles are burnt regularly, (at least 9 hours non stop ) the aroma lingers in the atmosphere all the time and even when the candle has gone off you will benefit from it. Here’s how it works: The molecules in the aroma cling to neurons in our nasal passages and send impulses to the brain’s olfactory bulb. Your olfactory bulb connects to an area in the brain which is responsible for emotion and memory: Interestingly, smell is one of five senses this affects and this explains why smell’s have strong connection to how we feel.


Meditation is another powerful tool and a strong favourite of mine, that never fails to work for me. Firstly Meditation triggers the brain to relax the nervous system – which helps us to destress, and then you begin to understand the trigger of your stress and how you can overcome it, and this truly happens without any effort or focus, from you. The power of meditation stretches beyond improving sleep, and stress, the goal of meditation should be to tune into who you really are and be ware of what triggers you need to push to create a happier life for yourself! Watch out for my next blog, i will teach you simple techniques to harness the power of meditation, and what candles work best for meditation, sleep and stress, Know that you are reading this cos you have all the tools inside you and i am just helping you to get them out and start using them to live a happier , healthier life that you are yearning for at this stage in your life. So lets start soon, look out for my next blog on the meditation. Hopefully soon.