Do you want to change the direction of your droopy eyelids, I have!!!!

Here is best treatments to lift your eyelids for real results.

1. Botox will lift the droopy eyelids very quickly and without any effort, and if done aesthetically no one will know you’ve had them done.

*My droopy eyelids have not been visible for 3 years thanks to botox. Watch out for the latest Plasma Fibroblast Eye lift.

2. Plasma is the latest trend in the beauty industry because at last we have a eye
treatment that replaces surgery and is as good, but without risk and heavy costs.

Here is how it works.
Plasma produces a gas that vaporises the loose eyelid skin on impact without
damaging the surrounding tissue, the pin point dots are visible for a minimum of 1 week. You will have the dots showing for a minimum of 1 week, but who cares if it is risk free and saves you having surgery, just plan your schedule.

Watch out for the next post- a video of me having my eyelids done with plasma, in 2 weeks. really looking forward to it. I’ve made sure, I don’t have any important meetings for a few days although I am happy for it to be visible ;).

My Best kept secret for ongoing maintenance, is winking for 10 minutes a day to keep the loose skin firm. (X5 winks on each eye alternately foe 10 mins) Exercising the eye muscles is amazing but a bit awkward because I do this in my car on my way to work, now I travel by train to work, I’ve changed my routine to night time, saves a lot of embarrassment.