Skin Science.
Blackheads and Whitehead Myth busted:

Most people assume that blackheads are dirt inside the pores and if they keep the skin clean, they will go away. Blackheads are merely whiteheads (milia) that have an opening in the skin which causes a chemical reaction in the skin called oxidation, the same as if you cut an apple and leave it open, it darkens.

How blackheads are caused: when the pore is large and open, it attracts excess dead skin cells and sebum to collect inside the follicle, and allows oxygen to enter, this leads to oxidation and dark colour you see.

How whiteheads are caused: Whiteheads have the same material as blackheads, and because it is not in the follicle, or exposed to the air, it remains white and cannot be squeezed out like blackheads.

Best treatment to remove blackheads:
Revival Clarify Peel with high frequency works on 2 levels. salicylic acid digests the debris, and dries up the sebum inside the pore and high frequency provides the skin with antibacterial ozone. It’s old school to treat blackheads with steaming and extraction, in fact this makes it worse, steaming stimulates the sebum and extractions spread the bacteria, under the skin and give you more blackheads, so take my advice and steer clear of both.

In my opinion, salons that provide steaming still, need to upskill their knowledge.

Best treatment to remove whiteheads:
We have all tried to squeeze whiteheads and failed miserably, or marked the skin, the treatments that’s effective without skin is burning them off with plasma pen.

Watch out for my next blog and video on effects of Revival Clarify Peel and see for yourself how easily millia is removed with plasma pen.