Change how you buy your skincare products.

By Daksha Paternott – Education Director Revival Academy

It very interesting to look at what motivates people to buy skincare products, and when you dig a bit a deeper, it’s apparent that the buying is influenced by the sales pitch/marketing, about the about the product, rather than knowledge of the skin anatomy or analysis of the lifestyle factors that led to the skin concerns in the first place.

i.e if your skin shows signs of oiliness, 9/10 times you will be advised to buy a products to dry up and control the oil, unless your skin is analysed by someone who studied the skin anatomy and know that it is the opposite in skin science- when the skin is dry, the sebaceous glands get to work and become overactive,  produce more oil to compensate for the dryness, and you think that the skin is oily because of this, you should be advised to buy products dry skin instead and when the skin is hydrated the glands slow down minimising the oil production

Here is how you can up-skill your knowledge, and be in charge of your own skin health, ultimately no one knows it better than you

Call us to find out about free monthly workshops on skin science

  1. Bring in all your products, we will check the ingredients and tell you, how good they are for you.
  2. Analyse your skin and tell you what’s happening in your underlying skin structure.
  3. Educate you about skincare ingredients and which ones will benefit your skin.
  4. Recommend what you can do about your skin concerns, ie pigmentation, moles, skin blemishes, wrinkles.
  5. Teach you tricks that keep you looking youthful.
  6. If you have always wanted to have a treatment done and were scared to have it done or wanted to have more info about it, the skin science workshop would be perfect opportunity for you.

Teaching is what we do best at Revival, there are no sales pitches, just expert knowledge about what’s best for you.