Are people who say they have sensitive skin, confused?!

By Daksha Paternott Education Director Revival Academy

In my earlier training days when was told that only 1% of population have sensitive skin, I did not believe it and definitely didn’t understand skin in those days. 25 years of working with skincare,  and teaching skin science, now enables me to  write a blog on it.

In skin science you either have reactive or intolerant skin, there is no meaning for sensitive skin.

Reactive skin 

Is when the skin’s acid mantle is abused or disturbed, resulting in the skin reacting and visually having a pinkish look when touched, temperature changes,  under stress, products tingle at first application, all these reactions calm down and regulates itself when the aggressor is not there.

Often these skin reactions stem from your lifestyle and can be avoided if you knew this!

I.e If you have been using harsh scrubs for decades, having regular, hot saunas, walking the dog in all weathers without protecting your skin or have low immune function from long term stress.

Intolerant skin

Occurs when the skin is intolerant or not used to an ingredient in the product and rejects it, by visually throwing a tantrum, skin looks red, angry, sweaty, painful to touch and may even be serious enough to get medical intervention and definitely antihistamine tablets as a starting point.

Here’s some of the skincare ingredients that you can be intolerant to and ironically majority of cheap skincare products are bumped up with these.

Well known irritants in the skincare products are

  • Lanolin
  • Mineral oils
  • Alcohol
  • Artificial colours
  • Fragrances

We’ve taken care not to include any of these irritants in our Revival skincare products.

If you are unsure of how to identify your skin sensitivity and want help to deal with it, I recommend, you just book a free skin analysis slot for 15 mins with one of my skin experts at the Revival clinic.