How it takes 90 only minutes to change the course of your life.

Begin the Space Clearing Ritual to all the elements.

  • Sound Element – Tibetan Bell:  Bang the Tibetan singing bowl, throughout the house, especially in dark corners and where you have dumped anger & worries etc.
  • Air Element – Incense with Naga Champa Sandlewood around the same space to refresh and bring the vibrations to neutral.
  • Fire Element – Light candles in key areas of your home, your intuition will guide you to light the right candle.

Amber and Lavender – Will create a soothing, relaxing ambience in your home and destress you.

Lily and Gardenia – will make you feel nurtured and special.

Summer Flowers – you will feel happy, and positive.

Fresh Linen – will make you feel fresh, light and energetically clean.

  • Earth Element – Nature: Put fresh flowers/plants at the entrance, this will entice the angels and nature elementals to your home.

Sit in silence where you have lit the candles until you have reached stillness in your mind.

  • Angels – Call in your angels/guides, deities that are special to you, you can simply enjoy their presence or ask for their assistance in any area of your life.

If you are asking, it’s the first thing that springs to your mind, that you need help on.

Why you need to be very precise in your asking.

When you ask to make sure the desire is coming from your heart(soul) and not from your head. If it is coming from your soul, it will change your life and if it is coming from you head it is going to change a few days.

Imagine that they are showering you with a golden light and that light is coming in through your crown chakra, expanding outwards into your aura and then this light manifest into a form of an angel that is assigned to you. Hold your hand out, you will be given a special envelope with a gift that has everything your soul asked for.

  • Ground yourself. You can do this by closing your eyes and visualizing the energy from your head going down into the mother earth and touching the soil.
  • Next – Set your goals for 2019. Be clear about what they need to be in the present tense and ones that your mind can believe it can achieve.

Happy New Year, wishing you the best year ever!

Daksha Paternott.