My skin is great, I don’t need to use any skincare products!

When you have good skin, it’s hard to justify spending time and money on it until you can. Let me save you from dealing with future skin concerns due to your neglect in the good old days. No matter how good your skin is right now, it is on a daily basis being assaulted by the environment, and you need to start using products that are active and powerful enough to protect and replenish the skin’s essential nutrients, and I don’t mean protect with gunky sun blocks that block the skin.

The main point of preventing ageing, is to stop your skin from drying up, by consistently replenishing it’s essential nutrients. I guarantee that if you started maintaining your skin early, you can delay your Botox days.

My favourite moisturiser is the Revival Daily Moisturiser, it’s light, affordable and packed with anti-ageing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and collagen.

Daksha Paternott – Revival Founder & Revival Academy Educational Director