Red/Spider Vein Removal

I want to tell you about one of my favourite treatments to do and one that always delivers a great result and for some clients they tell me is life changing.

Laser red vein removal or broken red capillaries can appear commonly on the face and legs. They are unsightly and cause so many of my client’s unhappiness, because they can’t wear a skirt or shorts on holiday. Or they have to wear thick makeup to disguise the broken capillaries on their face.

Using a ND YAG 1064nm Laser on a small spot size 3mm or 5mm the laser makes the veins literally shrink in front of your eyes and sometimes disappear. There is slight discomfort initially and the skin may go a little pink after, but that goes down usually within a few hours.

The treatment is really quick, and you are normally in / out of the treatment room within 15 minutes, obviously depending on the size of the area to treat. Then you give it about 4-5 weeks to heal. You may need a second or third treatment depending on the vein, but not always.

I think I like the treatment so much, because I love seeing visible results that make a difference. Plus, it’s a condition that generally people don’t realise they can treat. When I spot a small vein or capillary and tell the client I can remove it, it’s the surprise I get when I instantly get rid of something that has plagued them for so long, so easily, that I love. I just love this treatment it’s up there with my top 10 results.