What you should look for when buying skincare products

A pretty face, advising me to buy her products, with a sales pitch over the counter doesn’t cut it for me. I would want her ask me about the health of my skin, what my concerns are, what I am currently using and definitely analyse my skin and check for any underlying skin issues and if they don’t do this they doesn’t deserve to have my sale.

Too often we are sold products that are simply not effective, not right for our skin and end up with a bathroom shelves full of products.

Did you know that you should change you skincare product once in a while, as they stop working on your skin, this is because the skin gets lazy and stops stimulating, and it’s the stimulation that keeps the skin fresh.

The complete Revival skin range was formulated by me from my experience working with skin over 24 years, and first-hand knowledge of how powerful skincare ingredients can be combined to deliver results, yet be affordable and simple.

Daksha Paternott – Revival Founder & Revival Academy Educational Director